Makes the difference

Expert advise at your disposal

Are you planning to purchase a new aircraft and need assistance in choosing the ideal specifications that will give you the best experience at optimum cost? Or are you simply looking for a partner to represent your interests as a customer whilst your aircraft is undergoing extensive maintenance?

The team at Bentley Aerospace has decades of experience procuring new business jets based on customer requirements, usage and budget. Our team offers a professional end-to-end service such as production oversight, delivery and registration, pre-buy inspection, import and export, as well as catering for your operational, continuing airworthiness management and maintenance needs.

Our services at a glimpse

  • Benefit/needs assessment: Together, we will determine the best type of aircraft for your needs and your budget.
  • ¬†Individual operating model: We will prepare the entire budget, including financing and subsequent costs
  • Aircraft assessment: We will provide you with a detailed technical and financial evaluation of the offers on the market. We can also provide valuable advice regarding technical equipment and the design of your cabin.
  • Professional support during the aircraft production and delivery process.

Aircraft Maintenance

Our experienced maintenance team will guarantee that your planning, monitoring, and execution of technical aircraft maintenance will be of the highest possible level whilst maintaining budget.